Devouring literature, art, fashion, interior design and good views. Reside in Oslo with my man, ragdoll queen Ronja and our labrador puppy Emma. Reducing my wardrobe down to the basics and I try, as much as possible, to be about quality, as I think it`s important to take a stand against non- sustainable materialism and live for a more conscious future. Rest assured, I still like to dress up. Also, I realize it is in my own self-interest to not be so obsessive about every pop cultural image I see, and never explain myself to people that only understand from their level of perception. And put on makeup.





hei! hva studerer du for tiden?


Skriv gjerne litt om det, Ulrikke 🙂


Hi ulrikke. Reader from Canada since 2009.. really miss your blog + writing and wondering if you’re working on any thing else at the moment. Or plan to blog any time soon. Thank you 🙂

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